Our company offers the following types of complete "TURN KEY OVENS":
  • Monorail
  • Chain-on Edge
  • Belt Driven
  • Batch

    photo, large electric heaters, ir industrial heaters, powder coat ovens, infrared heating systems, paint drying ovens
    Electric Infrared Energy is an excellent, efficient energy source for most Coated Materials and Basic Plastic Materials (sheet and film).
    • The Infrared Energy is Radiated Directly on to the Surface where the Energy is Dispersed Depth-Wise through the Coating.
      • The Degree of Depth Dispersion relates to the Material Composition, the Percent of Pigmentation, the Coat Thickness and the Temperature (Wavelength) of the Emitting Source.
    • Wave length Effect on Energy Absorbtion:
      • The Energy Wave length is established by the Emitter(source)Temperature.
      • The Higher the Temperature, the Shorter the Wave length.
      • Standard Quartz Heating Lamps (T-3 type) emit in the Short Wave length Spectrum while operating at Half Rated Volage.
      • Quartz Tube Type Electrical Infrared Heaters deliver Medium Wave length Radiated Energy.
      • Ribbon and Foil Type Element Electric Infrared Heaters deliver Medium and Long Wave length Radiated Energy
      • Black Body Panel Type Electric Infrared Heaters deliver Long Wave length Radiated Energy.
      • metal Sheathed Type Electric Infrared Heaters deliver Long Wave length Radiated Energy
    May have fixed or movable walls to allow for various product widths.

    We offer "Special Ovens" designed for large Enclosures or Structural Sections[Proprietary]


    Designed to allow part rotation for improved coating distribution.
    Short Wave length Energy Sources offer very Deep Penetration through the coating of the part.
    • Energy is Released as it Passes Through the Coating into the product. This Enhances the Wetting Action of the coating onto the product.
      • In Powder Coat Applications, the heating of the part permits the Rapid Gelling of the powder and Improved Wetting onto the part.
      • In Wet Coat Applications, the heating of the part permits the Driving Out of the Moisture from the Inside with Minimal Blistering of the coating.
      • These advantages result in Very High Heating Rates offering a much Shorter Oven Length.
  • Medium Wave lenght Energy Sources offer Moderate Depth of Penetration through the coating of the part.
    • Most of the Penetrating Energy is Absorbed in the coating. This feature is ideal for Holding the coating at Curing Temperature after it has been Pre-Heated such as Curing Coatings on Plastic parts. This Minimizes the possibility of distorting the part.
  • Long Wave length Energy Sources offer No Depth of Penetration.
    • All Radiated Energy is Absorbed Totally on the Surface. Any internal heating of the coating must be conducted in, requiring Extended Time for processing and Longer Oven Lengths.
  • Multi-Wave length Energy Sources offer a wide Spectrum of various Wave lengths for Optomizing Process Performance.
    • These frequencies are Variable and may be Ajusted to improve Efficiency(Proprietary).
    • Processing Recommendations:
      • Utilize Short Wave length Energy for Pre-Heating applications.
      • Utilize Medium Wave length Energy for Curing or Holding Temperatures.
      • Utilize Long Wave length Energy for Curing as an Option to Medium Wave lengths.

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